Gorove Slade is a Washington, DC area professional engineering and planning firm providing clients with a complete suite of transportation planning and traffic engineering services that advance real estate and transportation infrastructure projects. The firm’s comprehensive menu of service offerings includes the following:

  • Traffic/Transportation studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Site Access and Circulation Evaluations
  • Transportation Modeling
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Traffic, Parking, and Pedestrian Counts and Surveys
  • Speed Studies
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plans
  • Traffic Control and Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plans

Our clients include landowners and real estate developers, public agencies, universities, institutions, and other engineering and architectural firms.

Gorove Slade is SWaM certified as a small business in Virginia.


The firm was founded in 1979 by Fred Gorove and Lou Slade – two traffic engineers trained at a Chicago-based multi-disciplinary engineering firm. The pair built a significant portfolio of business both in the Washington DC metro serving real estate developers, governments, and institutions and nationwide working with retail shopping center developers.

In 2007, Gorove and Slade sold their ownership in the company to homegrown managers, and today the firm’s employees operate from three locations in the Washington DC area and its practice leaders have strengthened Gorove Slade’s reputation as the premier traffic engineering and transportation planning firm in the Washington DC area.


Gorove Slade’s experience is brought to bear through a full-service and cost-effective team selected specifically for each project. Every project is assigned a Principal‐in‐Charge, a Project Manager, and technical and administrative support as needed. Working together in project teams allows Gorove Slade to provide responsive, comprehensive, professional service tailored specifically to the demands of each project.

Our engineers and planners take a multi-modal approach to projects, and we are experts on the functionality and interdependence of facilities that serve cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit. We are aligned with our clients’ objectives to create remarkable places that are also efficient places and the firm has experience with nearly every land-use imaginable. Drawing from our knowledge of the unique transportation characteristics of each land-use, we identify opportunities for our clients to improve their plans by recommending safe, efficient, and attractive linkages to all transportation networks, by helping reduce the need for and cost of parking, and by identifying programs that encourage people to walk, bike, and use public transportation.

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