The District Department of Transportation and the DC Office of Planning commissioned a study similar to one conducted in King County, Washington the purpose of which was to evaluate actual utilization of parking in multi-family residential developments. Existing data on parking usage are limited, which leads to uncertainty and disagreement between stakeholders in the development process. The project’s goal was to analyze a wide cross-section of multifamily developments to better understand contemporary parking utilization.

Gorove Slade was a participant in both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 portions of this effort. Phase 1 consisted of the Initial Site Selection and Pilot Data Collection. Gorove Slade compiled a list of target study areas based on Census data, zoning, and other public data. The firm identified initial pilot sites using its development library and relationships with property management firms to reach a representative mix of property types. Gorove Slade collected parking demand data at these pilot sites and presented a summary of results to the team.

Phase 2 built on Phase 1 and included more sites combined with stakeholder outreach. Gorove Slade assisted with scheduling meetings with the residential development community – one of which included an expert panel discussion on urban parking trends. Almost all new developments are seeking less parking because market conditions are seeking less, new projects are more urban and walkable, and developers are seeking ways to streamline project costs. Ultimately, the study will be used to inform future development applications, efforts to update the zoning regulations and provide parking best practices to the public and development community.

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