Howard University needed a long-term, multi-disciplinary plan to help guide infrastructure projects moving forward. Vital to the plan was the ability to provide enough parking for faculty and staff while transitioning the campus to a more sustainable transportation culture. The University engaged HOK to lead this Campus Master Plan team, and Gorove Slade was selected as the transportation consultant.

Working with the HOK team, Gorove Slade guided the parking and transportation elements of the Master Plan, a major component of which was the removal of surface parking lots to create development sites. Gorove Slade helped identify future parking demand while considering Transportation Demand Management strategies. Then, Gorove Slade used both vehicular and pedestrian analyses to determine optimal locations for future parking garages to minimize conflicts between the two modes.

Gorove Slade also participated in community meetings, presenting transportation and parking plans to neighborhood groups, represented the University at meetings with the District Department of Transportation and testified on behalf of the University at the DC Zoning Commission.