Gorove Slade has provided transportation planning and traffic engineering task order services under a Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) on-call civil engineering contact. As part of these services, the firm works with the LCPS planning department to prepare traffic impact studies that meet requirements outlined by the County and State. In addition, Gorove Slade has assisted LCPS in evaluating potential school site locations in the County from a traffic/transportation perspective. This includes feasibility/due diligence analysis of existing and planned infrastructure in and around the project site.

The firm has prepared studies and/or analyses for over twenty prospective school sites. Gorove Slade’s tasks include:

  • Prepare a feasibility analysis for the proposed site/school location and identify potential traffic issues for internal and external roadway networks.
  • Review and provide comments on school building layouts and supporting transportation infrastructure including pedestrian connections.
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of potential school sites with respect to the transportation network surrounding the site
  • Compare different prospective sites and rate them based on the transportation infrastructure serving these sites
  • Prepare and submit traffic studies for applications adhering to requirements outlined in the County and State regulations.
  • Attend County Planning Commission/Board Meetings and assist LCPS staff to address any traffic concerns expressed by the public or Board Members.