Potomac Yard Traffic Signal DesignGorove Slade completed modifications of six traffic signals along the Route 1 corridor adjacent to the Potomac Yard development in Alexandria, VA. The six intersections were:

  • Route 1/E. Glebe Road
  • Route 1/Hume Avenue
  • Route 1/Swann Avenue
  • Route 1/E. Custis Avenue
  • Route 1/E. Howell Avenue
  • Route 1/Potomac Avenue

The firm prepared six signal modification plans and accompanying communications interconnect plan. We also prepared a temporary signal design for the intersection of Route 1/Swann Avenue. The signals were being redesigned to accommodate the ultimate cross-section of Route 1, which includes future Bus Rapid Transit lanes in the Route 1 median that has not yet been designed.  The project had to consider the interim transitions back to the existing cross-sections north and south of the project intersections as well.  We coordinated with the civil engineer and provided design support regarding the updated widened geometry.

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