Gorove Slade worked on several projects to help bring Major League Baseball to the District of Columbia and create a successful game day transportation experience.

Initially, Gorove Slade worked on a team led by Brailsford & Dunlavey to help evaluate and recommend sites in the District appropriate for a Ballpark. Gorove Slade provided input on the transportation and parking qualities of each prospective site.  Gorove Slade worked directly with the Mayor’s office to help support the District’s preferred location.

Upon the arrival of the Washington Nationals to the District, Gorove Slade worked with the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission (DCSEC) to study transportation patterns of Nationals fans and comparable Ballparks to develop transportation planning goals and strategies to accommodate fans at the new Ballpark.  Working with a team lead by EDAW, Gorove Slade also assisted in preparing an Environmental Mitigation Study (EMS) of the new Ballpark site.  The EMS report contained a detailed analysis of Ballpark transportation impacts, including traffic modeling of game days and an evaluation of the capacity of the MetroRail system.

As opening day of Nationals Park grew near, Gorove Slade completed the Ballpark Traffic Operations and Parking Plan (TOPP). The TOPP contained detailed operations plans including traffic signal timings, sign location, pedestrian routing, and traffic officer placement.  It was developed by a stakeholder group including the DC SEC, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA), the District Department of Transportation, the Washington Nationals, and the Metropolitan Police Department. Gorove Slade also worked directly with the Washington Nationals to assist in the preparation of specialized routing maps for season ticket holders to help communicate the best routes to reach parking locations.

The plans included in the TOPP laid the groundwork for starting the season off with a quality transportation experience for fans.